Free & Paid - 5 Best audio to text converter online

5 Best free audio to text converter online

Free & Paid - Best audio to text converter online, Audio to text converter online, Convert audio to text online free, Convert audio to text

Free & Paid - Best audio to text converter online

Are you in search of a proficient and expeditious solution for converting your audio files into written transcripts? Rest assured, you have come to the ideal destination.

Within the confines of this article, we shall explore the finest five audio-to-text conversion tools that boast user-friendly interfaces, lightning-fast processing speeds, and utmost precision in generating transcripts. Regardless of whether you are a content creator, journalist, or student, these remarkable audio-to-text converters will undoubtedly alleviate your workload, granting you the opportunity to allocate your valuable time to more significant endeavors.

We have meticulously curated a comprehensive selection of both complimentary and premium tools. Furthermore, we provide an extensive breakdown of each tool, elucidating their distinctive features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Without further ado, let us delve into the realm of audio-to-text converters.

What are the best voice to text converters using artificial intelligence?


  • offers a multitude of notable features that set it apart. With its elegant and sophisticated platform, provides users with the following key advantages:
  • Real-time Transcription: excels in providing accurate and instantaneous transcription of audio, making it ideal for capturing and documenting live events, meetings, lectures, and interviews.
  • Automated Meeting Notes: By seamlessly integrating with popular communication platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, automatically joins and records meetings, generating comprehensive and detailed notes without any manual effort.
  • Collaborative Transcripts: allows multiple users to collaborate on a shared transcript, enabling seamless teamwork, the ability to add comments, highlight important points, and assign action items.
  • Slide Capture: During virtual meetings, automatically captures and inserts shared slides into the meeting notes, ensuring complete contextual understanding of the discussion.
  • Live Summary: If you miss any portion of a meeting, generates a real-time summary, enabling you to catch up quickly and efficiently. Afterward, the summary is conveniently emailed to you, saving you time from reviewing the entire transcript.
  • Sales Insights and Follow-up Automation: OtterPilot™ for Sales utilizes AI to extract valuable sales insights, generate follow-up emails, and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, streamlining the sales process and improving productivity.
  • User-Friendly Applications: offers intuitive and user-friendly applications for iOS, Android, and browser extensions, ensuring accessibility across various devices and platforms.
  • Testimonials and Endorsements: has garnered widespread acclaim and positive feedback from professionals in various fields, including business, education, media, and journalism, highlighting its effectiveness and time-saving capabilities.
Key features: Automatic speech recognition, multilingual support, batch transcription for businesses, customizable models.

2. Speech to Text

Speech to Text

SpeechTexter is a free multilingual speech-to-text application that allows users to transcribe notes, documents, books, reports, or blog posts using their voice. It offers powerful real-time continuous speech recognition, making it easy to create text notes, emails, blog posts, and more. The app supports over 70 languages and provides customizable voice commands, enabling users to add punctuation marks, frequently used phrases, and perform app actions like undoing, redoing, and creating new paragraphs. SpeechTexter is widely used by students, teachers, writers, and bloggers worldwide, helping them save time and increase productivity. The accuracy levels of the speech recognition technology are typically higher than 90%, depending on the language and the speaker. No download, installation, or registration is required to use SpeechTexter. It can be accessed through a web browser on desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux OS) or via the Android app. The technology behind SpeechTexter utilizes Google Speech recognition, supported by the Chrome browser and some browsers on Android OS. The website provides instructions for using the web app on desktop and mobile, along with troubleshooting tips for common issues. Overall, SpeechTexter offers a convenient and accessible tool for converting speech into text, benefiting individuals with hand disabilities, dyslexia, or hearing impairments, as well as those looking to improve their pronunciation and fluency in a foreign language.

3. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a transcription service that offers several key features:

High Accuracy: TranscribeMe ensures a high level of accuracy in transcribing audio or video files. They employ a team of skilled transcriptionists and use advanced technology to deliver precise and reliable transcripts.

Quick Turnaround Time: TranscribeMe provides fast turnaround times for transcription projects. They offer various turnaround options to meet different time requirements, including expedited services for urgent needs.

Multilingual Support: TranscribeMe supports transcription in multiple languages, allowing clients to transcribe content in their preferred language. They have a diverse team of transcriptionists proficient in various languages.

Customizable Transcription Services: TranscribeMe offers customizable transcription solutions to cater to specific needs. Whether it's verbatim transcription, time-stamping, or formatting requirements, they can accommodate individual preferences.

Secure and Confidential: TranscribeMe prioritizes the security and confidentiality of client data. They have robust data protection measures in place, ensuring that all sensitive information remains secure throughout the transcription process.

Scalability: TranscribeMe can handle transcription projects of any size and scale. Whether it's a single audio file or a large volume of recordings, they have the capacity to handle diverse transcription needs.

Easy Integration: TranscribeMe provides seamless integration options with various platforms and applications. This makes it convenient for clients to upload and receive transcripts directly from their preferred systems.

Competitive Pricing: TranscribeMe offers competitive pricing options for their transcription services. They provide transparent pricing models, allowing clients to choose the most suitable option for their budget and requirements.

Overall, TranscribeMe offers accurate, efficient, and customizable transcription services with quick turnaround times, ensuring client satisfaction and convenience.

4. Sonix

Sonix is an online platform that offers several features and benefits for transcription and audio/video editing. Here are some of the key features of Sonix:
  • Automated Transcription: Sonix provides automated transcription services, which means it can convert audio and video files into text quickly and accurately. This feature saves time and effort compared to manual transcription.
  • Multi-Language Support: Sonix supports transcription and translation in multiple languages, allowing users to transcribe and translate content in different languages.
  • Interactive Editor: Sonix offers an interactive editor that allows users to edit transcripts in real-time. You can easily make corrections, add timestamps, and format the text according to your preferences.
  • Collaboration Tools: Sonix enables collaboration among team members by providing collaborative editing features. Multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously, making it convenient for teams working on transcription or editing tasks.
  • Search and Highlight: Sonix allows you to search for specific words or phrases within your transcripts. It also highlights the corresponding audio or video segment, making it easier to locate specific information within the file.
  • Speaker Identification: Sonix automatically identifies and labels different speakers in the transcript, making it simpler to distinguish between multiple speakers in a conversation or interview.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Sonix integrates with various third-party applications and services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier. This integration allows you to import and export files seamlessly and enhances workflow efficiency.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Sonix provides advanced editing features, such as the ability to add captions, subtitles, and annotations to your audio or video files. These tools help improve accessibility and enhance the overall quality of your content.
  • Cloud-Based Storage: Sonix offers cloud-based storage for your transcripts and audio/video files. This ensures that your data is securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Affordable Pricing: Sonix offers competitive pricing plans based on usage and requirements. They provide different subscription options to cater to individual users, businesses, and enterprises.
5. Notta

Notta - Online Audio to Text Converter

Notta Audio to Text Converter is an online tool with the following features:
  • Supports multiple platforms and ensures security and privacy.
  • Compatible with various audio and video formats, supporting multiple languages.
  • Provides an AI summary and boasts high transcription accuracy.
However, it has limitations on the transcription quota, link expiration, no offline conversion, limited information on audio quality, and restrictions on file size and duration.

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