The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare pdf

Download The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare: a structured literature review pdf

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare pdf, free download, The role of artificial intelligence in health care pdf

The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare: a structured literature review pdf free download 2021

Abstract Background/Introduction: Artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector is receiving attention from research ers and health professionals. Few previous studies have investigated this topic from a multi-disciplinary perspective, including accounting, business and management, decision sciences and health professions. Methods: The structured literature review with its reliable and replicable research protocol allowed the researchers to extract 288 peer-reviewed papers from Scopus. The authors used qualitative and quantitative variables to analyze authors, journals, keywords, and collaboration networks among researchers. Additionally, the paper benefited from the Bibliometrix R software package. Results: The investigation showed that the literature in this field is emerging. It focuses on health services manage ment, predictive medicine, patient data and diagnostics, and clinical decision-making. The United States, China, and the United Kingdom contributed the highest number of studies. Keyword analysis revealed that AI can support physicians in making a diagnosis, predicting the spread of diseases and customizing treatment paths. Conclusions: The literature reveals several AI applications for health services and a stream of research that has not fully been covered. For instance, AI projects require skills and data quality awareness for data-intensive analysis and knowledge-based management. Insights can help researchers and health professionals understand and address future research on AI in the healthcare field. Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Healthcare, Patient data, Clinical decision-making, Management

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The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare pdf


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